Waste Water Screens

The waste water treatment industry has a variety of applications which has benefitted from the use of wedge wire screens. Available in flat, curved or cylindrical form, wedge wire is widely used in the reduction of solids in residential and industrial applications.


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Reducing the environmental pollution

A direct result in using wedge wire screens in the waste water treatment applications has been a reduction of environmental pollution levels and lower operational costs over the years. 

Commonly used as the first element of filtration during the operation at wastewater treatment plants, screening removes objects such as paper, plastics rags and metals that would damage and create clogging to the downstream equipment, piping, and appurtenances. Some of the newer wastewater plants will use multiple screens with course to fine slot types. We manufacture both types and to our customers’ drawings and specifications.

Fine screens
Fine screens are mostly used to remove smaller material that creates operation and maintenance problems.

Fine screens are around the 0.06” to 0.25” mark and very fine screens are sometimes used with openings of 0.01” to 0.06”. It can reduce suspended solids to levels near those achieved by primary clarification.

Coarse screens
Coarse screens remove large solids, rags, and debris from wastewater, and typically have openings at (0.25 in) or larger.

Types of coarse screens mainly include bar screens and trash rakes.

Typical applications include: Sludge thickener drums, Inlet screens, upward flow clarifiers, river intake screens, water well industry just to name a few.


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Waste Water Screens

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Benefits of our Waste Water Screens include:

  • Stronger and more durable due to resistance welding

  • Wide range of profiled wire are available to suit most systems

  • High-precision slot sizes are available to meet customer's requirements.

  • Surface filtration: the V-shaped surface wires allow easy cleaning by mechanical scraping or back flushing.

  • Screens can be replaced easily and reduction in down time

  • Engineered for your needs

  • Eliminates confined-space entries

  • Vertical and near-vertical applications

  • No lower sprockets, bushings or guides

  • Self-cleaning, positive engagement screening

  • Jam-free design accepts small and large debris without shutdown, reversing or manual debris removal

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Plain Screen
Wedge wire screens are manufactured by resistance welding V-shaped wire on support rods. The highest quality raw wire which is then made into a screen that is cut, shaped, fabricated and cleaned.

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