Strainer Baskets

Federal Screen wedge wire baskets are manufactured using high quality stainless steel wedge wire and custom made frames/bodies. Our unique basket designs in combination with our specially selected wedge wire profiles for the specific application and stringent manufacturing standards allows us to produce a top quality product that is built to perform.



Designed to meet a variety of OEM replacement needs & pressure designs.

316/ 316L
Hastelloy C-276
Super Duplex
Alloy B3
Monel 400
Alloy 20
Wire Profiles
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Slot Size range:
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0.001” – 0.625”

Long lasting

The combination of high quality materials, accurate slots and maximum open areas ensures that we provide our customers an optimum design for low wear characteristics resulting in longer service life.

Our baskets can commonly be seen used in applications where perforated baskets do not provide sufficient open area and where mesh weave baskets are not suitable for the required pressure differential making wedge wire baskets a great option.

These wedge wire screen baskets are typically used in mineral processing for coal, potash, salt, sand, pulp, paper and a variety of chemicals processes. They are also used for refuse removal from oil and gas drillers. These baskets are offered in several different construction types including Reverse Form, Reverse Axial and inverted wrap. (See construction page for more details).

Benefits of our Strainer Baskets include:

  • Stronger and more durable

  • Wide range of profiled wire are available to suit most systems

  • High-precision slot sizes available to meet customer's requirements.

  • The V-shaped surface wires allow easy cleaning by mechanical scraping or back flushing.

  • Particles or sludge are retained by the screen and can be easily removed for disposal

  • Jam-free design accepts small and large debris

  • Basket flanges are machined for a perfect fit and can employ an O-ring for optimal seal performance if necessary

  • Wedge wire screen baskets provide greater open area than perforated mesh lined baskets

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Reverse Axial Basket with Handle

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Strainer Basket
Our wedge wire baskets are manufactured using high quality stainless steel wedge wire and custom made frames / bodies. 

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