All fabricated units are inspected to ensure that every product performs to design specifications before leaving our facility. 

Our ongoing efforts to strengthen Federal Screen’s quality management system have enabled us to deliver high-value products and services.

Federal Screen’s personnel abide by best practices and procedures

  • Rapid alignment of our quality management system to best support industry needs and expectations

  • Adopting and perfecting technological and strategic best practices

  • Encouraging open communication between all personnel regarding products and operational efficiency

  • Developing and engaging all employees for optimal performance


Quality control policies happen throughout our manufacturing processes.

Each and every product manufactured is inspected by our professionals in quality control at various steps in the production cycle. Inspection procedures and reports are constantly updated and improved to align with market expectations.

Active Vision Measuring/Screen Measuring System

This is used mainly for testing Wedge Wire-slot accuracy and CNC machined parts. Our high-definition measuring system offers high-quality zoom optics with interchangeable lenses; powerful, high-resolution, QVPAK 3-D-vision software; contact and non-contact measurement; and touch-probe, programmable LED stage and coaxial and four-quadrant ring lights.

PMI Testing 

With Positive Material Identification (PMI), the alloy composition is analyzed and the identity of materials is determined.

If a material certificate is missing or you need to be certain about the type of material used, PMI as an NDT method is the best solution. PMI is used particularly for high-quality metals, like stainless steel, and other high-alloy metals.