All fabricated units are inspected to ensure that every product performs to design specifications before leaving our facility. 

Our ongoing efforts to strengthen Federal Screens Quality Management System have enabled us to deliver high valued products, services and industry knowledge, leaving our customers satisfied and well prepared for addressing their media retention needs. In order to ensure our quality management System performs at its highest potential, Federal Screen’s personnel abide by a series of implementations which include:  

  • Consistently open to customer inquiries, concerns and feedback in order to best comprehend market expectations

  • Encouraged free flowing two way communication between all Federal Screen personnel regarding concerns or recommendations towards product or operational efficiency

  • Aligning our Quality Management System for quick and correct adapted ion to best support the constantly changing industry needs and expectations

  • Adopting and perfecting the paramount technological and strategic practices necessary to best meet customer needs

  • Training, Developing and engaging our employees via the best possible methods and arrangements in order to yield the finest performance from their every day occupational duties


Quality control policies happen throughout our manufacturing processes.

Within our manufacturing plant, a number of policies and procedures have been implemented in order to ensure that the quality of our products is at the paramount of the Wedge Wire Screen Industry. Each and every product manufactured is inspected by our professionals in Quality Control at various steps within its production cycle.

Our inspection procedures and reports are constantly updated and improved to align with market expectations. All machinery and tools are inspected and repaired or replaced if necessary on a regular basis in order to ensure the best product results are yielded from the manufacturing process as well as to guarantee our workers safety.