Federal Screen is committed to ensuring the health and safety of all its employees as well as its customers, partners and the general public.

This commitment is upheld by a number of implementations designed to create risk free working environments, products and bi-products. Manufacturing plant safety meetings are attended by the entire manufacturing workforce on a monthly basis. Additionally, CSA approved protective gear is provided for all plant workers and is replaced by new market superior gear whenever possible.

Regular maintenance, testing and monitoring of all tools and machinery is done monthly and reviewed within the safety meetings. Thorough machine and tool training is conducted with workers before they use any unfamiliar equipment. The plants physical resources are structured and organized in a means that eliminates the risk of injury due to unsafe working conditions.

Maintenance and notifications of emergency response systems and protocols are conducted regularly. Our shop supervisors ensure that our manufacturing plant operates with absolute limited risk to its workforce’s health and safety. Additionally, our longest serving plant employee serves as our joint Health and Safety Committees workers chair representative and is available to help with any work safety inquiries. All Federal Screen Manufacturing Plant employees are WHMIS certified before being allowed to work on the production floor.