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At Federal Screen Products, our sales representatives are an important asset to us. Playing a critical role in growing our business, we have used independent Sales Representatives / Agents since the launch of our business. We are always seeking outstanding sales representatives with a wide range of backgrounds to help us better serve our customers. Federal Screen Products offers a unique environment where Sales Representatives are encouraged to pursue new ideas, take responsibility and challenge their abilities.

We supply our sales representatives with marketing material and product knowledge insuring we support their needs. We participate in direct marketing campaigns and trade shows which we encourage our sales representative to be part of. We take the time to educate our Federal Screen sales representatives and continue to update their education as required.

We have a program of keeping our sales representatives informed throughout the sales cycle. We supply copies of current inquiries, copies of each quotation, notices of receipt of orders, notices at the time of shipping and notices of order updates. Federal Screen Products asks that each sales representative keep our records up to date, follow up each quote, provide feedback, and follow up shipments - all to maximize customer satisfaction and continued success.

Federal Screen Products is on a mission to make our Wedge Wire products our sales representative’s strongest and most profitable line. We invite you to check us out and contact us to find out more. Please forward your resume with references. We are always looking for representation in multiple regions.

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