We stay ahead of the research & development game.

This is possible due to our experience, in-house development efforts, exclusive leading-edge production technology, equipment and innovative designs from our engineering staff. Federal Screen strives to continually expand our knowledge of filtration systems currently being used in industries today.

We believe if you stop learning, you stop innovating.

This is a critical part of our success to-date and ensures our product is not only built to meet our customer’s requirements but can become solutions and improvements to the industry as a whole. We not only look at the design of our products, but the equipment and production methods used on a day to day basis. For example, our entire lineup of screen machines have been designed and built by us for us to comply with our strict quality and performance expectations. Wherever we can improve our own fabrications methods and reduce our delivery time and costs we will do so in order to pass these savings onto our customers.


Basic Research  

Research at times is done to examine the different stages of the filtration process found in multiple industries in order to fully understand the basic fundamentals and principles within each process. This is all to support efforts in developing technologies aimed at gaining better control on efficiency.


Tests are performed on new and innovative manufacturing methods and equipment, allowing us to optimize our product line to suit new applications also opening up creative solutions for our customers. This enables us to develop new product lines not offered elsewhere or at a reduced price.

We are constantly expanding and automating our manufacturing capabilities 

We have the unique capability to build onto our manufacturing processes, reviewing, adjusting key parts of our manufacturing process catering to our work flow value and type.