About water treatment 

The history of water filters can be traced to the earliest civilizations, water filters have been used throughout history to improve the safety and aesthetics of water intended to be used for drinking or bathing. In modern times, they are also widely used in industry and commerce. The history of water filtration is closely linked with the history of improvements in public health.

Water treatment is any process that makes water more acceptable for a specific end-use. The end use may be drinking, industrial water supply, irrigation, river flow maintenance, water recreation or many other uses, including being safely returned to the environment. Water treatment removes contaminants and undesirable components, or reduces their concentration so that the water becomes fit for its desired end-use.

Cost-effective technology

Water specially these days is a scarce and limited resource meaning regulations and policies surrounding this industry in continually changing. The treatment standards continuously change and require the application of efficient and cost-effective technology.

It's our primary market

Federal Screen works closely with municipal and private engineering firms to help meet the needs requirements found in this sector. This industry is mostly seen on a large scale and projects can be very demanding but rewarding. For this reason Federal Screen has taken great efforts to insure we have a variety of internals, resin traps, pipe fabrications and complete hub and lateral systems designs available. 

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