Available as both Header Lateral and Hub Lateral assemblies, Federal Screen wedge wire screen laterals and pipe based laterals can be connected to distributor headers and spider hubs by the following methods :
  • standard NPT threaded connections
  • flanged connections… fabricated or ANSI
  • welded as one assembly

Laterals are available in all standard pipe and tube outside diameters.

Pipe Base Laterals…
complete with drilled internal pipe for maximum flow distribution

Screen Laterals…
supplied with various standard end fittings or custome fittings to suit your design

Header & Hub Laterals…
available in a variety of standard designs or custom fabricated to meet your requirements


Federal Screen Products North American made Wedge Wire Screen (often referred to as Well Screen) is used in water conditioning, process water conditioning, make up water conditioning, boiler water treatment, carbon towers, ion exchange vessels, desalination process, arsenic removal treatment systems, process waste water treatment, waste water, gas production, absorption beds, underdrains, chemical process equipment, petro chemical process equipment, petroleum refining equipment, sugar refining equipment, carbon beds and high purity chemical production by original equipment manufacturers, American Manufacturers, OEM's and O.E.M.

Federal Screen custom and specialty designed North American made wedgewire vessel internals for media retention include wedge wire screen laterals, header and hub laterals, and pipe based laterals of wedgewire screen, drilled pipe and drilled hole pipes, air sparge header assemblies, inlet distributors, side outlet headers, and bottom outlet fabricated hub assemblies. Our vessel internals are for sand filters, carbon filters, ion exchange systems, carbon absorbers, media retention, backwash retention, resin retention and resin traps.

Federal Screen laterals are constructed of North American made triangle or v shape wedge wire wrapped on triangle, v shape, or round support rods to form a tubular screen. The wrap wedgewire can be inverted or standard wrapped on the support rods. This can be welded to nipples, couplings, pipe, or flanges. The fabricated and welded construction make for durable quality vessel internals and media retention products.

The customer can choose the style of nipple, coupling, pipe, or flange welded on to the wedge wire or wedgewire assembly. Material choice is from stainless steels 304, 304L, 316, 316L, Hastelloy, C276 C20, B2, B3, Titanium, or PVC. Materials kept in stock by Federal Screen Products include 304, 304L, 316, 316L, Hastelloy, C276 C20, B2, B3, Titanium, Stainless Steel or PVC and most are American made.

Federal Screen Products manufactures quality, Canadian wedge wire products made in North America, and enjoys doing business globally. For opportunities as a sales rep please see our Rep Inquiry page.